As a by-product of crowded places, pollution and busy lifestyles, contraction of skin diseases has become a common thing. But we at Skinzy believe that long term damage through these diseases shouldn’t be a common thing. So we have developed the DermaPhoto app- The app that detects your skin disease.

The app, not only detects probable disease but also saves a lot of your time. You can easily know if the red spot on your hand is a reason for alarm or not and visit the doctor accordingly. This easy to use app conveniently detects up to 10 skin diseases that you may be suffering from. These results can then be referred to by doctors for quicker as well as more accurate diagnosis of skin diseases.

All you need to do is upload the photograph of the affected area. This photograph will be analyzed and the results will be displayed. The photograph uploaded will be transferred, and stored in a database, which will furnish a reference framework for a future research. You can be rest assured about your privacy, because we do not share any part of our database.

Learn how to crop the image for DermaPhoto

This video will teach you how to crop the image of your affected skin part to get the most accurate input as well as results from DermaPhoto App